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'Explain The '90s In 4 Words' Makes Us Miss Orange Soda And Lava Lamps

Get ready to feel all the nostalgic feels over this trending Twitter hashtag.

Real talk: Everything was better, brighter, and more sickeningly pastel in the '90s. From adorable bromances to killer girl-power anthems, it was truly a magical time to be alive.

To celebrate the crazy decade that was, Twitter users made the hashtag #ExplainThe90sIn4Words go viral on Wednesday (January 21), and they served up some hilariously on-point nostalgia and resurfaced tons of stellar pop culture references while doing so. Here are some of our favorites:

  1. This was the decade's defining jam.
  2. The most coveted accessories were ones that looked like a unicorn had vomited all over them.
  3. The Backstreet Boys were pop royalty.

    Sexual orientation: When Nick Carter sings "Am I sexual?/ Yeahhhh."

  4. Your Pokemon collection was your most prized possession, even if you never learned how to master actually playing the game.

    And Squirtle was every girl's favorite.

  5. This was the gold standard of facial hair.

    Sorry, dudes, but only Johnny Depp could pull it off perfectly.

  6. Pringles were your most valuable lunchtime currency.

    They even had their own Pringle-shaped cases!

  7. Everyone was convinced 2000 was going to be the end of the world.

    Party like it's 1999, right guys?

  8. RIP Blockbuster :(

    Thank Beysus we live in the age of Netflix.

  9. Your spirit animal was Mimi from Rent.

    "Only thing to do is jump over the moon!"

  10. No one loved anything as much as Kel loved orange soda. <3
  11. *Moment of silence for all the eyebrow hairs lost at the hands of greedy tweezers*

    Remember, guys, this was B.C.D. (Before Cara Delevingne).

  12. All. Teal. Everything.
  13. Shaq's acting career in the great American classic "Kazaam" was Oscar-worthy, tbh.

    What have you done lately, LeBron?

  14. Tamagotchis were the greatest source of affection/ego-boosting/stress/utter resentment.

    They were basically practice for parenting.

  15. Frosted tips = on fleek.

    Petition for Justin Timberlake to resurrect this look, STAT.

  16. These ancient artifacts were basically useless.
  17. This is what "breaking the internet" looked like, and it was NOT fun.

    Most of us are still haunted in our sleep by that cringe-worthy dial tone.

  18. Everyone ate pizza.


  19. President Clinton was a smooth, sax-playing silver fox.

    Luh you, Bill.

  20. And this just about sums up every teen's life.

Tell us: How would YOU describe the '90s in four words? Sound off in the comments below!