'The Nightly Show' Pulls No Punches In This Searing Takedown Of Racism

The panel show replaces 'The Colbert Report' on Comedy Central.

Comedy Central kicked off their new "Nightly Show" with a bang last night (January 19), as Larry Wilmore -- best known as the former Senior Black Correspondent of "The Daily Show" -- took on his gig as the show's host just in time to lament that he'd missed all the best, worst race-related stories from last year.

Comedy Central

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it), Wilmore still had plenty of fodder for his kick-off monologue, because the world continues to basically be a terrible place full of cruelty and weirdness. For a taste of the "Nightly Show's" irreverent nightly-ness, check out the video below, where Wilmore rounds up issues like "Selma's" Oscars snubs, the overlap between the Black Lives Matter movement and Harry Potter candy enthusiasts, and whether or not Al Sharpton is, in fact, Black Batman.

"The Nightly Show" is just getting started when it comes to tackling tough issues. The central topic of tonight's (January 20) episode: Bill Cosby. In keeping with the show's dedication to brutally honest answers, viewers can submit a question -- any question -- on the subject via the hashtag #KeepIt100.

Comedy Central