12 Ingenious Parodies Of 'MTV Cribs' -- Elsa's 'Frozen' Pad Included

Warning: major LOLs are ahead.

The year was 2000. It was the best of times for the rich and famous. It was a time when Hollywood's finest found a new spotlight on "MTV Cribs," giving fans exclusive tours into their tricked-out abodes.

To put it simply (in Y2K terms, of course): the start of the millennium was hella awesome for the pop culture obsessed. But let's be real: Who couldn't get enough of seeing their favorite stars' souped-up cars, lavish home decor and luxurious lifestyles on TV every week?

The Internet generation, apparently.

As time has passed, there's no denying that imitation has been the sincerest form of flattery when it comes to one of MTV's most beloved reality series. From Tumblr memes to videos by Chris Pratt, there have been a host of hilarious, spot-on lampoons.

So, without further adieu, sit back, scroll and get ready to laugh at some of side-splitting "Cribs" parodies:

1. North West

2. Loki Laufeyson

3. The Eleventh Doctor

4. Harry Potter

5. Patrick Star

6. "Sherlock"

7. An adorable sloth

8. "Guardians of the Galaxy"

9. "Frozen"

10. "Star Wars"

11. "Pride and Prejudice"

12. "Saturday Night Live"