Kevin Hart Packs A Big Punch On 'SNL' Episode: Watch

Plus Jay Pharoah shows Kevin Hart his Kevin Hart impression.

Welcome back! You didn't think you were the only ones wearing pajamas nonstop, eating your weight in decorated sugar cookies and already bailing on those New Year's resolutions did you? After a holiday hiatus the second half of the 40th season of SNL is in full swing with Kevin Hart picking up hosting duties for the first episode of 2015. Let's get straight to it, shall we?

Pete Davidson Gets A History Lesson

For the first cold open of the year Michael (Pete Davidson) can't finish his essay on Martin Luther King, so the activist appears (Kenan Thompson) to help him out. All Michael knows about MLK is he's black, he's a great leader and he owns a bunch of boulevards where the Wu-Tang Clan is from. Looks like we're still climbing that mountain, says MLK. Michael catches the historical figure up on how much progress we've made, how we live in a world where movies like "Selma" are made (and get snubbed on Oscar noms) and how you protest now on Twitter using hashtags like #iamferguson or #wereallblack or #blessed. #themountainismilesaway.

Kevin Hart Hates Wild Animals

The newly-engaged man and "Wedding Ringer" star kicks the show off with some stand-up, telling tales of a thug raccoon that's messing with him, strolling on two feet and trying to break into his house. His irrational fear of wild animals continues when he can't take out the trash because his driveway is dark. So what does he do? He uses his Dad power to enlist his 7-year-old to take out the trash and become a man. This is his journey. Then comes a whole bunch of hypotheticals about what Kevin would or wouldn't do to save his family from being attacked by a mountain lion, and let's just say it's better left to you to discover why he can't be with a woman who only has one shoulder.

Martha's Mayonnaise Is A Must-Try In Bushwick

Kenan Thompson, Kevin Hart and Jay Pharoah are hanging out on a street corner in Bushwick. Kevin heads to Martha's—not his Baby Mama's, but an artisanal mayonnaise shop where the garlic truffle is a must-try. Spin classes and walks with sweater-clad canines ensue and later the whole squad goes to wine and painting class to get turnt up. But stay tuned and you'll see why he never makes it to Martha's for that 8 dollar mayo.

Do Not Double Tap That Insta

In a sketch verbalizing everything you're thinking when you see someone's lame Instagram photos, host Darnell Pepper (Kevin Hart) brings on guests who are bad at the 'gram, asking "Why'd You Post That?" Each guest gets banished to a small dungeon for a week, in a stellar prop effort by the SNL stage crew. Kim (Vanessa Bayer) posts a blurry picture of the Empire State Building, Trisha (Aidy Bryant, who thinks she's on "The Price Is Right") has a pic of her bruised big toe and Travis (Kyle Mooney) takes a hairy chest selfie thinking of everyone in Paris, leading all of them to go in the wall.

Kevin Hart Gets Jay Pharoah's Kevin Hart Treatment

In a meta-moment, Kevin Hart plays himself heading back to his dressing room after performing a comedy show. Leslie Jones confronts him about a post-show hookup, and he now finds himself the father of Marcus (Jay Pharoah) who unleashes a reel of his Kevin Hart impressions snapping his fingers and gesturing with fervor. Even with the obvious height difference, the simultaneous hand clapping says otherwise.

Blake Shelton will host and perform on January 24.