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Here's How Sia Managed To Dodge The Spotlight For Her 'SNL' Performance

No pretending to be in a box here.

We didn't really know what to expect for Sia's performance as musical guest on last night's "Saturday Night Live" episode. We were kinda wondering especially if Shia LeBeouf would show up? We've come to appreciate Sia's penchant for disguise, letting others take the lead while she remains in the shadows, but still, we totally didn't see this one coming.

Enter mime, stage right.

First she performed the haunting "Chandelier."

Wearing the same veil as she wore in her promos with Kevin Hart and Kate McKinnon earlier this week, Sia starts "Chandelier" as a solo piano ballad. The mime joins her, wearing a black top hat, white painted face (tears included) and gloves—you know, as mimes do. She remains immobile, gripping the mic stand and belting "I'm going to swing from the Chandelier" as the strings behind her kick in. Mr. Mime also emotionally commits to the part, continuing his own interpretations through the entirety of the song.

Then, she brought out Maddie Ziegler for a rendition of "Elastic Heart."

While there wasn't a giant birdcage or a scantily clad Shia LeBeouf available, Sia transforms the small SNL stage to mimic her "Elastic Heart" video as much as possible for her first performance of the night. 12-year-old phenom Maddie Ziegler (who appeared in the videos for "Elastic Heart" and "Chandelier") dances along with a Shia stand-in. Dodging their way around the drumset and keyboards, the two dancers duel wearing nude leotards and signature Sia chopped platinum wigs. Sia remains stationary during the performance, facing the side and per usual letting her performers take the spotlight.

Despite her shyness, Sia's latest album 1000 Forms Of Fear was nominated for two Grammys. Good luck hiding now Sia!

Blake Shelton will host and perform on January 24.