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Cam'ron Drops A Thinly Veiled Jay Z Diss By Sampling Beyonce's Vocals For 'Victory Freestyle'

The Diplomat's new track contains a not-so-subtle shot at Hov.

Jay Z and Cam’ron's longstanding feud might’ve just been revived with the release of The Diplomats’ “Victory Freestyle.”

On the track, which patterns itself after Puff Daddy’s 1997 “Victory” cut, Cam’ron makes references to Jay Z’s 40/40 club, the rapper’s wealth and Beyonce.

Actually, Killa doesn’t just reference Bey. He also uses her Destiny's Child vocals in the background following this line: "You stepped on the court, you gonna play my game / Just take shorty's advice and say my name.”

The Dipset’s most recent reunion has come by way of their work with DJ Funkmaster Flex who recently told Jay Z that he could “ruin” him.

After Flex went on his recent rant against Jay, Cam believed that Jigga got blogs to find dirt on him. He thought The Rap Insider, a satirical site, was real. He was upset about this headline: “Cam’ron’s Ma Disappointed.” So, he hit Instagram with a fury.

“This n—— is such a hater,” he said in his caption, presumably talking about Jay Z. “[Funkmaster Flex] got in ya a— last night and you so bitter so now you got blogs trying to find anything, huh?”

Cam’ron’s mom (yes, she’s on IG) reposted this on Instagram and shook her head, calling it “f—ery.”

Of course this isn’t the first time Cam and Jay have been at odds. Who can forget Cam’s ferocious “You Got To Love It” diss or the countless thinly veiled jabs the two MCs have thrown at one another over the years?

Will they ever get along? Time will tell, but for now, it looks like the feud is as alive as it’s ever been.