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The Rumors Swirling Around Serial Adaptations Are Almost As Convoluted As The Show Itself

Will the show become an HBO series? Or perhaps a Warner Bros. film?

Since almost everyone you know is talking about the Serial, the little podcast that could, doesn't it make sense that movie studios are eyeing the story? In case you haven't heard, the NPR series is from the creators of This American Life. For each episode, journalist Sarah Koenig investigates a little further into the murder of a Maryland high school student from 1999—and the show was a runaway success.

The gripping investigative series aired its final episode in December, and though back in November the show's co-creator Julie Snyder told Entertainment Weekly she wasn't interested in looking into movie rights, it sounds like an all-out bidding war has erupted anyway.

The Tracking Board reports that TriStar’s TV branch was interested in developing the series as a TV show, but before that idea could barely get off the ground, rumors surrounding a possible Ryan Murphy and HBO series emerged.

According to Pat Saperstein of Variety, HBO is definitely out of the running:

But that doesn't rule out Warner Brothers, who according to Tracking Board are also very interested in the rights. WB used to have a first look deal for This American Life, the precursor podcast that helped buoy Serial's success.

We'll keep you updated as the negotiations develop, but one thing is for sure, there's going to be a lot more Serial coming our way.