Should 'Eye Candy' Really Join Forces With The 5-0?

After maligning the police, Lindy decided helping them out would be her best bet.

The NYPD: New York's finest? Not from where Lindy Sampson is sitting.

The "Eye Candy" heroine, who's on a mission to track down a cyberstalker/serial killer, has got her reasons for distrusting law enforcement officials. First, she was arrested and put on parole for hacking systems that belong to the state (but it was in the name of good!). And, let's not forget, police still have absolutely no leads on her sister, who was kidnapped three years ago.

Lindy had a begrudging change of heart on tonight's episode, though, when she finally met Catherine Shaw, head of New York's Cyber Crimes Unit. Catherine had been tracking Lindy for weeks and warned her of the dangers of trailing Jake -- whom Lindy suspected could be the Flirtual killer -- alone. Further, she insisted that if Lindy continued to use illegal spyware, police could never build a case and the killer would remain at large. "I don't want to stop you. I want to help you," Catherine assured her. "That gray area where you like to work, between us and the bad guys -- it can get real foggy down there."

And though Lindy and the CCU found some common ground -- at least for the time being -- Lindy's roommate, the ever-protective Sophia, wasn't on board and lashed out at Lindy when she discovered her pal's new secret post with the 5-0. "I said go to the cops, not with them," Sophia barked. "That's dangerous! You said you couldn't trust them."

Either way, Lindy, Catherine and Tommy have no time to waste figuring out a definite working relationship; their main suspect Reese proved not to be the murderer and now, as the actual Flirtual killer's newest captive, his life hangs in the balance.

So what do you think: Is Lindy doing the right thing by partnering with police and giving herself an advantage with the use of their many resources? Or should she continue to find the Flirtual killer alone, because partnering with the Cyber Crimes Unit may compromise the advantages of flying solo?