7 Times We Shouted 'Lindy, DON'T!' During This Week's 'Eye Candy'

But frankly, we're glad the bad-ass heroine couldn't hear us.

If you had any doubts that "Eye Candy" heroine Lindy is as fearless as Taylor Swift circa 2008, they must be long gone by now.

On this week's episode of the new MTV crime thriller, the pretty brunette (Victoria Justice) tried to catch the now-infamous Flirtual Killer by getting up-close-and-personal with two unsettling suspects. Along the way, she was being stalked by the mysterious cyber-psycho, who'd been taking photos of her to make his very own Lindy mannequin. Oh, and she got trapped in an out-of-control vehicle being maneuvered by the madman too. The upshot: L got herself into so many sticky situations, we had one recurring thought bubble the entire night:

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But clearly, danger doesn’t rattle Lindy. Unlike us. Each time the hacker/sleuth was about to throw caution to the wind and make yet another kinda-crazy decision, we jumped off the couch, stood in front of the TV and shouted, "Lindy, don't!" Like when:

  1. She hooked up with Reiss.

    Not only is he a murder suspect but, well, any guy who kisses a girl and shoves a random drug in her mouth probably isn't good people. But no matter: Lindy got thisclose to him at Sophia's club as part of her plan to find out if he's indeed the Flirtual Killer. Hey, better her than us.

  2. She started following suspects on her own.

    Let’s see… a pretty young woman is singlehandedly tailing men who are suspected of doing things like pouring acid on a woman's face, killing a girl because her teeth were crooked and slaughtering a policeman. No, honey, that ish just isn't safe.

  3. She ACTUALLY let Jake into her apartment.

    So you're supposed to meet your date at a restaurant, but he shows up at your place with groceries and announces that he’s going to cook you dinner. Totally romantic, right? But what if he's a murder suspect, and umm, you never gave him your address, and ummmmm, he starts wielding knives like Jack the Ripper? That's not romantic. It's just plain scurry.

  4. She hacked into the city's security cameras.

    Rules are meant to be broken, but not when it'll involve prison time. As her cohort George said, "That’s SO illegal."

  5. She sat at Ben's old desk.

    During a visit to the police station, she reminisced about how she met her fallen detective-boyfriend -- all while seated at his former work station. Look, sweetie, it was a rough week -- no need to add more heartache to the mix.

  6. She went on a date with Reiss…ALL ALONE.

    Sure, detective Tommy was tailing the two during their date, but madmen always have a way of shaking the cops, right? Just getting into Reiss' car was Mistake #1. Mistake #2: not running for the damn hills when he brought her to a deserted junkyard in the middle of the night. Of course, our girl was on a mission: As she fended off the creeper's advances, Tommy was outside trying to retrieve data from Reiss' ride.

  7. She swiftly hopped into Reiss' car to make a getaway.

    Surely Tommy had completed his task and that was him sitting in the driver's seat, right? Well, no, it didn't work out that way. And we KNEW it wasn't gonna work out that way, and we TRIED to warn her -- but that girl never, ever listens. And you know what? We're totally fine with that, because Monday nights haven’t been this exciting since, like, FOREVER.

Which moment do you think was Lindy's most dangerous? Tell us in the comments, and be sure to watch the next "Eye Candy" on Monday at 10/9c!