This 'Boyhood Meets World' Mash-Up Is Guaranteed To Make You Cry

Yes, of course Family of the Year's "Hero" is featured.

Two years before Richard Linklater began production on his Oscar-nominated film "Boyhood," we said goodbye to Cory Matthews after seven seasons of "Boy Meets World." So it turns out Linklater's story isn't as groundbreaking as we once thought.

"Boyhood" has been celebrated for its innovative approach to storytelling -- Linklater famously spent 12 years making the film and the end result is certainly remarkable -- but when you look at all of the coming-of-age stories we see on TV, "Boyhood" seems a tad less impressive. Enter "Boyhood Meets World," a spoof on Linklater's masterpiece.

Playing off of "Boyhood’s" trailer, which brilliantly features Family of the Year’s "Hero" [insert sob here], "Boyhood Meets World" takes us back to 1993 to remind us that for seven years we watched Cory grow up before our eyes on the T.G.I.F. favorite "Boy Meets World." And we didn't even have to wait 12 years to watch the finished project.