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Happy Birthday, Pitbull! Here Are Some Of Your Most Defining Pitbull Moments In Gifs

Stop. Drop. Pause and check this out.

Happy Birthday, Pitbull! Today (January 15), Mr. Worldwide turns 34. The "Time Of Our Lives" rapper's songs -- "International Love" and "Timber," just to name a few -- always get the club going up, so to get his party started, it was only right to highlight his most Pitbull-y moments.

  1. Everytime he goes "OoooOoooOooH!"

    No song of his is complete without that ad-lib!

  2. Performing at the 2014 FIFA World Cup with Jennifer Lopez.


  3. Who can forget the first time he performed live with J. Lo at the 2011 AMAs?

    Grind time.

  4. Pitbull always shouts out his Miami hometown.

    Mr. 305!

  5. He always drops some Spanish into his songs.


  6. Remember when he displayed his amazing swimming skills in the "Timber" video with Kesha?

    He might be a merman in disguise...

  7. Pitbull = life of the party

    That could be why all his songs are always perfect for the club.

  8. It's hard not to appreciate a man who can shake it.

    Your mama must be proud.

  9. He always seems to find himself surrounded by beautiful women.

    So lucky.

  10. He's also a sucker for air kisses.

    Right back at you, dawg!