Victoria Justice Is Really, Truly Sorry 'Eye Candy' Killed Off Hot Cop Ben

We know you're struggling -- but she is too.

In "Sex and the City"'s New York, saying "I love you" leads to a fairy tale romance. In "Eye Candy"'s New York, saying "I love you" leads a butcher's knife across your boyfriend's jugular.

On the show's chilling season premiere, Lindy Sampson's worst nightmare (well, one of a few) was realized when the cyber hacker's boyfriend Ben was killed by a psychopathic serial killer in remarkably gruesome fashion. And, as fans had already fallen in love with the police officer, they were devastated.

Well, guess what? Victoria Justice, who plays Sampson, was equally wrecked, she told MTV News.

"I was really invested and into the Ben and Lindy relationship," she says in the clip above. "I thought it was the start of something beautiful, which then ended into something horrifying and bloody and terrible."

"It was a total shocker," she adds.

Justice notes that actor Daniel Lissing, who played Ben, is "one of the nicest guys ever," but for now, she'll have to let go of hope that he'll return.

"I was like, 'You're not gonna be on the show anymore, unless you return as, like, the ghost of Ben, or, like, Zombie Ben," she laments. "But this is not 'Walking Dead,' so I doubt that that will happen."

And though the sight of the crime scene was enough to turn the stomachs of Justice's longtime fans, the actress hopes the "Victorious" loyal will still tune in -- especially if they're in the mood to take her new journey with her.

"I personally think that fans of 'Victorious' and the other work that I've done -- I think that they're really going to like 'Eye Candy,'" she shares. "I hope you guys enjoy the show, [and] I hope you get a little scared."

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