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Who Will Tom Hiddleston Get With In 'Crimson Peak'?

Jessica Chastain says he has a sex scene, but won't say who.

We know very little about "Crimson Peak," director Guillermo del Toro's upcoming gothic horror movie, but thanks to Jessica Chastain, who co-stars in the flick, we now know one thing: Tom Hiddleston gets down.

During an interview with MTV News' Josh Horowitz and Chastain's "A Most Violent Year" co-star Oscar Isaac, Isaac asked Chastain how her upcoming thriller, which she filmed at the same time as "A Most Violent Year," would make him feel "in [his] pants."

"In your pants?" she asked. "Well, there is a Tom Hiddleston sex scene, boys! I know! So you guys. Not gonna say who, but there is some, you know. You can calm down."

No, we can't calm down, Jessica. We can't.

Who is the Hiddles getting with? His character's name is "Sir Thomas Sharpe," and he's been spotted in Victorian garb around the set, so we're assuming it's something spooky. Here are a few guesses as to who he'll hook up with.

  1. This spooky curtain.

    What's blowing it? Is it part of the house that bleeds? Will it make out with Tom Hiddleston?

  2. This haunted rocking chair.

    When the chair is a-rocking...well, you know.

  3. These dancing skeletons.

    Jump those bones.

  4. These magical stairs.

    The sexual tension...climbs.

  5. Charlie Hunnam.

    Hey, Charlie Hunnam is in this movie!