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Ryan Gosling And His Abdominals May Get Us To Actually Understand The Financial Crisis


The most recent financial crisis: do you get it? I don't totally get it! I've tried to get it. The closest I've come to getting it is reading Michaels Lewis' book "The Big Short," so I'm hoping that a movie based on the book, with all its visual aids, will really drive the point home.

That's right, Paramount is reportedly planning on adapting another of "Moneyball" author Lewis' long-form nonfiction works, according to Variety. Unlike previous Lewis adaptations "Moneyball" (gaming the baseball drafting system) and "The Blind Side" (making moms all over the world cry), "The Big Short" goes heavy into real-life financial players, unwinding the complexities of exactly how the market took its latest dive.

Of course, when we say that visual aids will help us understand, we mean Ryan Gosling's body.

Yes, Gosling, Brad Pitt and Christian Bale are reportedly set to star in the Paramount production. And since most of the players involved in the story are bankers and their ilk, we're going to have to assume that that means they'll be wearing suits.

So get ready for a lot of this:


We have two questions for you. One: Are you ready to learn about the credit bubble?

Two, we'll let The Gos himself ask.