Melissa McCarthy's 'Spy' Trailer Will Make You 'Look Like A Limp-D--k Unicorn'

She's baaaaack!

There are certain superhero teams that are just classic. Get the Avengers on the scene, you know they'll get the job done. Nobody's ever unhappy to see Batman and Robin (except bad guys). Ditto the X-Men.

It's time to add another super-effective superhero team to the list: Paul Feig and Melissa McCarthy.

After the undeniable, laugh-til-it-hurts success of "Bridesmaids," which made McCarthy a breakout star, and "The Heat," which kicked so much ass, the director and actress are at it again with "Spy." Both the red-band and the green-band trailers for the movie have hit the web, and we can't effing wait to see the finished product.

McCarthy stars as Susie, an FBI desk worker who has to go undercover after the identities of all the agency's field workers are compromised.

The results are, unsurprisingly, hilarious.

Here's the green-band, safe for kids trailer, featuring a sneeze resulting in a gunshot to the head.

If you like a few f-bombs mixed in with your McCarthy (WHO DOESN'T?), here's the red band. (Don't worry, the sneeze-gun is still in there.)

Rose Byrne, Jason Statham, Allison Janney, Bobby Cannavale and Curtis Jackson (yes, 50 Cent), also star.

"Spy" hits theaters May 22.