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Kxng Crooked Meditates On Eric Garner Protests With 'I Can't Breathe' Video

The clip for the 2Pac-inspired cut incorporates actual protest footage.

Kxng Crooked has released a powerful new music video for “I Can’t Breathe,” a track that he released in December as part of his Sex, Money & Hip-Hop album.

"Respect the value of my life, too,” Crooked raps on the track, which was first released exclusively through MTV News. “For me, change may never come/ ‘Cause I can’t change into a white dude.”

The selection, which repurposes the instrumental 2Pac used on 1994’s “Pain,” sheds light on frustrations with police brutality, and the video does the same. The clip features footage of protests held after a Staten Island grand jury decided not to indict New York City police officers in the death of local resident Eric Garner.

The "I can't breathe" rallying cries can be heard as the protest footage plays in the clip. This acts as an extension of the song’s cover art, which features an image of Garner being held in a chokehold by law enforcement officials.

Kxng Crooked's Sex, Money & Hip-Hop album is out now.