Sesame Street

Macklemore's 'Sesame Street' Video Is 'Gross And Awesome': Watch Now

Sorry, make that 'Mucklemore.'

Macklemore is the latest celebrity to swing by "Sesame Street," and he takes his and producer Ryan Lewis' 2012 hit, "Thrift Shop," to a whole new level of awesome while visiting.

The clip, which hit YouTube on Monday (Jan. 12), finds Oscar the Grouch coveting garbage in a major way: "There's so much yucky stuff out there -- I want it all!" Cue the Seattle rapper, who appears decked out in the finest of trashcan couture.

Mack thumps through the fictional PBS neighborhood with a pair of Grouches, as he raps about the finer side of trash-collecting: "I'm gonna pop some trash, only got seven bags in my trash can."