Leonardo DiCaprio's Beard Photobombed 50 Cent's Selfie With Naomi Campbell

It's the first best photobomb of the year!

Leonardo DiCaprio is more than just an actor, he's an entity all his own. And now, it seems, so is his beard, which is apparently taking over everything, including Instagram.

Sure, Leo "I'll Never Let Go" DiCpario was once the suave heartthrob of many a 90s kid's dreams, but now his beard has possibly-maybe grown into a weird, photobombing uncle, and 50 Cent has provided us with unequivocal proof while hanging out, minding his own selfie-based business with model Naomi Campbell.

I mean, look at that! The man is a follicle wonder: his is hair that cannot be contained via face and manbun alone — and Fif's previous photo from earlier in the evening with the actor is proof of that:

See? DiCaprio's beard is so all-powerful, it has unbuttoned the man's shirt and begun to make landfall upon his chest. I fear all that's left to do is pray DiCaprio's next Oscar-attempting role involves a very clean-shaven face.