One Cancer-Stricken Teenager Is Finding Happiness In This Dog Photo Sharing Facebook Event That Went Viral

Photo Doggies for Anthony has hit 1.6 million guests since it was created—and countless photos of dogs have been shared.

Everyone knows that Facebook is a great place to go for pictures of cute, furry animals, but members of one event page on the social network have really outdone themsselves in order to help one cancer-stricken boy .

Sixteen-year-old Anthony Lyons of Phoenix, Arizona was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in July of last year, but his source of joy throughout the grueling process of chemotherapy stemmed largely from the therapy dogs he got to play with treatments.

So, hoping to continue to bring that joy to the boy's life, a family friend started the Facebook event page to create a virtual puppy enclave for the boy. The Facebook event Photo Doggies for Anthony has now generated thousands of precious pooch photos from over a million guests.

Posted just before Christmas, the request quickly gained traction, resulting in thousands of photos from all over the world.


Because honestly is there anything in the world more cheerful than puppies?

Someone shared this hilarious picture of a dog watching a hamster:


An adorable pup with Santa:


I know Christmas is over, but the cuteness of this dog is still going strong.

And Jack and Penny, two loveable Texas pups:


The event has generated a lot of attention for Lyons, with people eager to give donations and more to the sick teen. But his mother is firm on keeping the page strictly non-profit.

"No one is benefiting other than just their own happiness. And that makes me happy right now," she said.

Some of the members of the event have also posted photos of their own dogs that are stricken with cancer or sick.

"It's reassuring because you look at the pictures of the dogs; they're sick all the time but they're still happy. They're happy to be alive," explained Anthony in an article from the Chicago Tribune. "I've never met a sad dog."

Anthony will be in chemotherapy for the next three years, and he hopes to keep the page going for as long as possible, even "if it's just somebody else having a bad day. Go through the page. You can see all these dogs and these hilarious pictures."

The event now has 1.6 million guests "attending" the event, and it's still growing. Wanna join in the puppy-filled forum? Click here to begin your daily dose of doggy-related joy.