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J.K. Rowling Just Schooled Rupert Murdoch For His Ignorant Anti-Muslim Comments

I dare say she expecto patr-OWNED him!

Even though Harry Potter has graduated Hogwarts and moved onto bigger and brighter things (with decidedly less peril), J.K. Rowling is still creating magic with her words. As evidenced by her stunning takedown of Rupert Murdoch's ignorant comments about the recent events in Paris.

On Friday, the News Corp chairman had some stunningly misguided words for the Muslim people of the world in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris, calling for the "Moslems" of the world to take the blame. Terrorism, you see, is their problem and they'll have to either fix it for the rest of the world, or resign themselves to being held accountable for every single bad thing the extremists do. That doesn't seem very logical, does it?

"Maybe most Moslems peaceful," he tweeted. "But until they recognize and destroy their growing jihadist cancer they must be held responsible."

Rowling — astute observer and keen word-user that she is — then used Murdoch's logic against him in order to show just how ignorant and plainly misguided his opinions are on the matter.

"I was born a Christian. If that makes Rupert Murdoch my responsibility, I’ll auto-excommunicate," the author quipped on the social networking site.

In replies to fans, she elaborated on this logic, further proving a.) she is a total boss and b.) Murdoch seriously needs to get a clue.

Somebody accio some ointment for Murdoch — he'll need it after that sick burn. Expecto patrOWNum!