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Eric Garner’s Family Share A Haunting Tribute Song: Listen To 'This Ends Today'

The emotional track calls for an appeal.

The aftermath of Eric Garner's death and the non-indictment of the NYPD officer Darren Wilson who killed him, will not rest without dialogue for change. The Staten Island man's family has led marches through D.C., garnered widespread celebrity support, and now seeks tribute in a song recorded by his brother and daughter.

"This Ends Today" marks the first song penned and recorded by Steven Flagg and Erica Garner.

"It just came from the heart," Flagg told New York Daily News. "We want to get it out there on the radio, anywhere, so as many people as possible hear it."

The track opens to Garner's muffled last cries of "I Can't Breathe," before diving into Erica's soothing vocals, asking, "Who is the man with the strength to choose? / When the rest refuse / And I say, 'This ends today.' "

Garner's brother follows with a a deep, guttural rap verse declaring his family's continued pain and calling for an appeal to the grand jury's decision.

"Life should be protected if justice is real / Do you know how we feel?" Flagg raps. "All he had to do was let his lungs be filled / I guess he decided it was best he be killed."

Listen to the haunting track 4-minute long track below: