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Hijacked Traffic Sign In Los Angeles Delivers A Head-Turning Message Promoting Literacy

New Year's resolution, maybe?

Last night a well-educated prankster hacked into a downtown Los Angeles traffic sign to deliver a harsh, if not necessary, message to the public: READ A F---ING BOOK.

Fascinated and potentially offended Angelenos took to Twitter to share the declaration, condemning it's choice of foul language, yet lauding the overall message.

LA Weekly's Daina Beth Solomon was one of the first to take note and offered up the spicy choice words as a New Year's resolution we can all get behind.

The hashtag #ReadAF---ingBook commonly pops up on Twitter and social media during invents of supposed mass-ignorance, like the "Who is Paul McCartney?" joke that surged after Kanye West announced his collaboration with the music legend, and the rampant questioning of "Who is Maya Angelou?" after the iconic civil rights activist passed away in 2014.

All in all, we give three cheers to the clever hacker who delivered this most needed call to action.