6 Totally Awkward 'Real World' Love Triangles

Tony's romantic life is in disarray, but there are plenty of other people -- like Chicago alums Keri and Kyle -- who can relate.

When the doorbell unexpectedly rings at the "Real World: Skeletons" abode, it usually means trouble is on the horizon for an unsuspecting castie. And on this week's episode, just as Sylvia's boss Alicia angrily departed, Tony got quite the shock when Elizabeth, the girl he recently broke up with before jetting off to Chicago, showed up at the front door -- the morning after the Southern charmer's weeks-long flirtation with Madison finally culminated in a night of passion.

Yep, we totally understand why Tony was a bit reluctant to greet his hometown lady...and he'll get another surprise when another previous paramour makes a trip to the Windy City.

But he's hardly the first "RW" roomie to be juggling feelings for a roommate when an amorous interest from home -- a confirmed significant other, a complicated status partner or an outright former flame -- comes a knockin'. In honor of Throwback Thursday, take a look back at these past complicated love triangles:

  1. Kyle, Keri and Nicole ("Real World: Chicago")

    The good-looking duo couldn't get enough of each other during their early days in Chi town -- even though Kyle had a hometown girlfriend, Nicole. But Keri had a tough time accepting how the hunky Ivy Leaguer treated her around his pals, and their romance fizzled. Ultimately, after a series of ups and downs between Kyle and Nicole -- she even visited during a roommate retreat to Kyle's family's lake house -- the lovebirds rekindled their romance. Keri, meanwhile, left the experience on not-so-great terms with Kyle -- and even called him "fake." STING.

  2. Irulan, Alton and Gabe ("Real World: Las Vegas")

    Right before her love arrived in Sin City, Irulan locked lips with roomie Alton. The New Yorker -- who was in an open relationship with Gabe -- quickly came clean about her indiscretions, telling him about the hookup just after he arrived. Surprisingly, Gabe forgave her, but after much back and forth between the longtime partners, they called it quits -- and Irulan began a longterm relationship with Alton.

  3. Ace, Mallory and Kate ("Real World: Paris")

    The sweet-natured college freshman and the frat boy tried to dodge the cameras to steal a few kisses -- even though he had a GF, Kate, back in Georgia. Ace immediately felt guilty for drunkenly smooching Mal, but the silly pair ultimately moved past it and remained friendly. However, it was clear that his connection with Kate changed after she came to the City of Lights -- and referred to him as her "kind-of-boyfriend." Kate eventually called things off with Ace after returning stateside, and Mallory and Ace resumed their more-than-friends rapport.

  4. Dunbar, Ashlii and Julie ("Real World: Sydney")

    Parisa and KellyAnne felt a little somethin' somethin' for the Mississippi native -- who was trying to remain committed to his hometown sweetheart -- but it was new roomie Ashlii who ended up sealing the deal with Dunbar. The steamy evening occurred after Julie schlepped to Oz, and it was a one-time hookup between A and D. However, Dunbar revealed at the reunion special that while he was back together with Julie, his cheating had put a strain on their relationship.

  5. Trey, Laura and Chelsea ("Real World: St. Thomas")

    T broke things off with C before arriving in paradise and felt an immediate spark with L. But shortly after having sex with the fiery redhead, the former football star became confused about his feelings for his former companion -- and he gave Laura the runaround. Surprisingly, when Chelsea came to town, the initial meeting between T's ladies wasn't too awkward -- even though we were cringing on the couch. Trey came to the decision that he wanted to just be friends with Laura and stay committed to Chelsea during the rest of his stay in St. Thomas.

  6. Jenny, Brian, Thomas, Hailey, Corey and Lauren ("Real World: Ex-Plosion")

    Except for Jamie (that lucky duck!), the whole crew was blindsided when their exes showed up at the door -- after some inter-house makeout sessions. Gang, got any pointers for our boy Tony?

+ Which do you think was the juiciest "RW" love triangle? Sound off in the comments below, and be sure to watch "Real World: Skeletons" to see how Tony's sitch shakes out on Tuesday at 10/9c!