Mark Wahlberg's Wife Called Out By Beliebers For Throwing Shade At Justin's Calvin Klein Ads

Who wore it better: Mark or Justin?

Mark Wahlberg's wife, Rhea, may not be on the "most liked" list by some Beliebers today after some comments she made about Justin Bieber's Calvin Klein campaign.

On Thursday, Rhea took to Twitter and asked her followers if they ever heard the song "Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing." No harm in that, right? It's a good song, people should hear it.

But shortly after, we figured out what she meant when she gave a shout-out to her husband's famous Calvin Klein shoot, saying that he was the "1st and the best," and then seemingly took a jab at the Biebs, adding, "wow the retouching."

Calvin Klein

There's no denying it, Mark looked fab in those pics (still does), but Justin's fans were not too happy that she was taking some shots at his steamy photos, especially since Justin said that Mark approved.

Rhea, who did have some supporters come to her defense about sharing her opinion, later took to Twitter to clarify her statements saying she was just showing some love for her husband and that there is no "ill will against anyone."

And then "without sounding cougarish" praises JB's underwear ad and gives him some love...along with Harry Styles.