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Golden Globes 2015 Predictions: Best Picture

What will take home the biggest statue of the night?

The 2015 Golden Globes are finally upon us, which means it's time to stop dilly dallying and finish marking your predictions of winners. Feeling lost about what might take home the most coveted statues of the night, the Best Picture categories? Look no further. Here are our predictions.

Best Motion Picture, Drama

What should win: "Selma"

"Selma" was a moving, unflinching portrait of a portion of the Civil Rights Movement, and not a single aspect can be accused of slouching. Fantastic performances? Check. Stellar direction? Done. Breathtaking cinematography? Sold. Relevant to today's struggles? Yep. We're all in for "Selma."

What will win: "Selma"

See above, but we just can't stop gushing. Hey, remember that sweeping shot over the bridge that just inched so slowly upward until you could see the wave of protestors led by Martin Luther King, Jr.? Remember that? Remember how your heart just lurched in your chest like you were at the top of a roller coaster, just before the drop? We do, and we're betting the Hollywood Foreign Press Association does too.

Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy

What should win: "The Grand Budapest Hotel"

Cat murder aside, this is one of Wes Anderson's most effecting offerings to date. It's funny and dramatic, and there's a surprising action element to it. Who knew Anderson could make a war movie with such a pastel color palette?

What will win: "Birdman"

Michael Keaton and "Birdman" will almost certainly fly away with the win on this one. It's high-minded art that doesn't mind pointing the finger at high-minded art, and manages to be both intellectual and accessible. And that's not even talking about that amazing "caw" from Keaton. That alone clinches it.

Best Animated Feature Film

What should win: "The Boxtrolls"

In a perfect world, we could give this award to more than one movie. We adore "Boxtrolls" for being an innovative stop-motion animated film that shows us what direction animation could be moving toward in the future.

What will win: "The LEGO Movie"

Hey, it wasn't our number one movie of 2014 for nothing. We love us some "LEGO," and for good reason. It's unconventional, can be enjoyed by both adults and kids, rocks a great soundtrack and is infinitely quotable. We'll watch it again and again like we have instructions.

Who do you think the night's big winners will be? Vote in the polls and let us know in the comments!