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Snooki's Next Book Will Reveal How She Went From 'Jersey' Meatball To Just Plain JACKED

After writing some fiction and a tome on parenting, Nicole Polizzi is focusing on fitness.

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi pretty much ruled the fiction market when she made the New York Times bestseller list with her debut novel, A Shore Thing (and then went on to release two additional novels, mind you). And now she's taking over the self-help genre!

For her fifth book (and the follow-up to her tome on parenting, Baby Bumps: From Party Girl to Proud Mama, and all the Messy Milestones Along the Way), Snooki has appropriately decided to tackle the topic of fitness. Um, have you seen her ripped bod? We've been waiting for this one since 2012.

"I'm actually working on my next book," she told a fan on her latest podcast. "It's kind of like a fitness book. It's just help on trying to lose weight and get healthy. I'm really excited about writing it because I've been battling my weight for forever, from high school to being on 'Jersey Shore' to being a mom. I am excited to help everyone on their fitness journey."

Meatball no more — two pregnancies aside, Nicole has literally transformed herself in the past few years.

Snooki's Instagram

Six days after giving birth (that was days, not weeks) to sweet Giovanna, Superwoman Nicole was hitting the gym. Never mind that at nine months pregnant, she was still going hardcore. Yep, we definitely say this qualifies you to bestow your health and fitness wisdom upon us, Snooki. Please. It's the new year, and we have resolutions to keep -- can you release your new fitness book, like, yesterday?