Your Worst Dating Failure Is Nothing Compared To This Nicole Kidman/Jimmy Fallon Story

That must have been some video game.

If you've ever wanted to see horrified regret in its purest and most organic form, we invite you to study Jimmy Fallon's face as he realizes that, once upon a time, he had a shot at dating A-list celebrity and mega-hottie Nicole Kidman -- and he blew it.

Kidman was on "The Tonight Show" Tuesday to promote "Paddington," but the best moment from her interview was when Jimmy began reminiscing about the first time they'd ever met, years ago, when Nicole and a mutual friend stopped by his apartment in New York City. Because where Jimmy's recollection of the evening centers mainly on having to buy cheese for his guests, Nicole remembers it as the time that she totally had the hots for Jimmy Fallon, and asked a friend to introduce them, only to have him completely ignore her in favor of playing video games.

Understandably, this is the point at which Jimmy tries to make the pain stop by throwing himself behind a couch. We, on the other hand, are surprisingly comforted to discover that even Nicole Kidman knows what it's like to go over to your crush's house and have him totally blow you off in order to play Call of Duty.