From Roomies To Co-Workers: 7 Of The Most Memorable 'Real World' Job Assignments Ever

Who can forget when the Seattle cast members launched their very own radio show?

Throughout the years on "The Real World," the roomies have not only had to adjust to new surroundings, they've also needed to get polite and real as co-workers. From producing a weekly NOLA television show to writing reviews of popular attractions in the City of Lights, the "Real World" has given its cast members some truly unique employment opportunities -- and ensured a whole lot of drama along the way.

On last night's episode, the Chicago crew collectively complained that they were running low on funds -- that's what going out on the town EVERY night will do to your wallets -- and realized they needed to get to work. And fast.

"We're all broke," spitfire Sylvia admitted. "Real-life problems."

With that, they paired off -- Nicole/Jason, Madison/Sylvia and Violetta/Tony -- and got positions as bartenders and waitresses at different dining establishments in the neighborhood.

In honor of the latest group heading out into the workforce, we're taking a look back at some of the most memorable "Real World" jobs during the past 29 seasons. Tell us your faves in the comments, and keep watching "Real World: Skeletons" on Tuesdays at 10/9c!

  1. Season 5: The Miami housemates try to kick-start their own business venture.

    The inaugural work assignment seemed easy enough: The cast was given $50,000 to begin a business, and the options for their company were limitless. While a bagel shop and a fashion line were floated around as potential ideas, the group was ultimately unable to come up with an up-and-running operation before they left South Beach.

  2. Season 7: The Seattle crew rock 107.7 The End

    At first, the seven twentysomethings were "modulators" who helped promote the radio station -- and met a few bands like Cornershop (featured above) and Super Delux along the way. Eventually, though, their hard work paid off and they collectively launched their own live show. Some hosted the quirky late-night program, while others produced it.

  3. Season 9: The New Orleans group gets into broadcasting

    If it wasn't for their gig at the public-access television station, we never would have heard David's rousing rendition of "C'Mon Be My Baby Tonight."

  4. Season 12: The Sin City roomies heat up Rain

    It was the easiest "RW" job commute in history -- they just had to schlepp downstairs to the nightclub -- and the group of seven got PAID to throw lavish parties. Only downside: The hangovers after a long night of raging...

  5. Season 13: The Parisian transplants review their surroundings

    Working at well-known guidebook company Frommer's, the cast was tasked with venturing out into their luxurious backyard (translation: visiting bars, shops, clubs and more) and writing up their impressions of the attractions. Even though Ace at first seemed skeptical about his ability to perform and his views about the locals, Leah and C.T. were the ones caught submitting fake stories. Tsk tsk!

  6. Season 18: The Denver gang helps mentor some less fortunate teens

    The team temporarily bid adieu to their lavish abode and roughed it in the Rockies during their stint with the outdoor-education organization Outward Bound. While Brooke was reluctant to leave behind her comforts -- like the toilet and mirrors -- the group guided hiking treks for teens from New Orleans who were displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

  7. Season 20: Only in Hollywood -- lights, camera, action!

    The gang learned from (of all people) Andy Dick that they would be taking acting and improv classes at comedy club iO West. From the get-go, Greg was uninterested in the theatrical assignment, and when he failed to show up to several performances, he was fired -- and ultimately evicted from the house for losing his job.