Watch Disney World's Gaston Singlehandedly Destroy This Guy In A Push-Up Contest

♪♬ No one will kick your ass at push-ups like Gaston! ♪♬

Remember that particularly mouthy Gaston from Disney World that went and got himself told what's up by a little girl? Well he's back and puffing up his machismo all the more thanks to some unwitting fool challenging him to a push-up contest.

You'd think that after being totally schooled by a small child — after all, he doesn't get to marry Belle despite all his insistence and waiting — that Gaston would maybe be less inclined to show off his particular brand of braggadocio. Not so, but also: not so fast!

In a surprising move for anyone who knows the pompous "Beauty and the Beast" villain for who he really is — an egomaniacal, egg-drinking antler-decorating buffoon — Gaston took the humble route of accepting this poor man's quest for masculine supremacy... before completely destroying him with an almost comedic flair.

Sorry, dude. Some people really just cannot compete with Gaston!