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Not Even Benedict Cumberbatch's Wedding Takes Precedence Over 'Sherlock'

'Sherlock' over everything.

Benedict Cumberbatch has his priorities in check. He knows when it comes down to it, Sherlock Holmes is more important than anything else in the world — more so than his own wedding.

The face that launched a thousand Tumblrs was at the Palm Springs International Film Festival on Saturday, and explained that right now, his iteration of the brilliant mind of "Sherlock" is taking priority over any wedding planning.

When asked by PopSugar if the Internet's favorite iteration of the legendary British detective was planning a wedding at the moment, the actor said "one thing at a time" before explaining that "I'm playing Sherlock now — just about to start — so my main focus is going to be on that."


Do you hear that, Tumblr? Our Benedict is placing "Sherlock" fans and their happiness above everything else in his life — even his own wedding to theater director Sophie Hunter! Because he cares.

So I guess that means the Christmas Special is right on track.