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Judith Hill Wrote A Parody Version Of Her Song 'Franco' For 'The Interview'

'The Voice' singer's song was ultimately nixed from the controversial movie.

Update: Judith Hill's representative has reached out to MTV News to clarify that the song she wrote for "The Interview" was called "Franco" -- not "A Love Letter To Kim Jong Un" -- as previously reported. The song was a parody of a song she previously penned, also called "Franco." The song was ultimately not used in the film. The story and headline have been updated to reflect that change.

Story below.

After Sony requested that "The Voice" singer Judith Hill write a parody song for their now infamous film "The Interview," she tweaked the lyrics to one of her actual songs "Franco" (about the actor himself) to include a reference to Kim Jong Un.

Although the song didn't make it into Franco and Seth Rogen's highly controversial film, the song has now leaked and we can get a taste of what might have been.

Here are some sample lyrics from the parody:

"You got me light as a feather/You got me transcending heaven/So don't be confused/James Franco ain't got nothin' on you."

"Kim Jong-un/James Franco got nothing on you/Yeah yeah/Kim Jong-un/James Franco got nothing on you."

There was even one with a reference to Franco's film "127 Hours," which is probably intact from Hill's original:

"I could wait here 127 hours/It's true/There's only one Oscar and baby it goes to you."

Listen to a snippet of the satirical song via TMZ.