Final Cut King

This 'Indiana Jones' Puppy Parody Is Face-Meltingly Adorable: Watch Now

Here's to you, Indiana Bones.

Does anybody want to end the year by watching some adorable puppies be adorable? Then this "Indiana Jones" parody video has you covered.

YouTube maestro Final Cut King's dog, Indy, stars in "Indiana Bones: Raiders of the Lost Bark," a too-cute-for-words spoof that's guaranteed to plaster your face with all the ear-to-ear grins it can handle.

In the clip, the adventurous boxer pup goes off in search of his lost voice. Watch him fight through Jones-esque obstacles and defeat a handful of evil kittens in the daring five-minute clip.

Seriously, this might actually be the best way to close your year, especially if it was thoroughly meh, and kick off the BEST YEAR EVERRRRR.