6 Reasons Sofia Vergara Is The Luckiest Woman Alive

Five of them are Joe Manganiello's abs.

By now, you've probably heard the news that living lust objects Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara have put a ring on their whirlwind romance; personally, we are already speculating about how hot their potential progeny will be. (Options include either a) super-hot, b) mega-hot, or c) hotter than the blazing fiery white-hot heat of a thousand suns.)

But just in case you've made it this far in total unawareness of just what an eligible bachelor Sofia has removed from the dating pool -- and also just because we really, really like gifs of Joe Manganiello -- we've put together this list of reasons why Joe is the catch of a lifetime (and why the future Mrs. Manganiello is probably pretty dang pleased with herself right now.)

  1. He looks terrific with his shirt off.

    Just to state the obvious. Don't worry, it's not like all the entries on this list are Joe Manganiello in various states of undress or anything. Five out of six entries, yes, but not all of them.

  2. He's smart.

    Right? He's definitely smart. He certainly looks smart. Nobody who wears a pair of specs so well could possible be unsmart.

  3. He's generous.

    Look how nicely he shares his popcorn award with the rest of the class. So giving!

  4. He's very strong.

    When these two newlyweds move into their first home, Joe will obviously be able to lift all of the heavy boxes. See? Those muscles aren't just nice to look at; they are also USEFUL.

  5. He's an outdoorsman.

    There's nothing better than a man who loves nature. Look how relaxed and at home he is on a moonlit stroll through the forest!

  6. And of course, there's also the small question of the derriere extraordinaire.

    Last but not least, amirite ladies? Yes, we've already covered the whole issue of how Joe looks shirtless, but how he looks without pants is another matter entirely.