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John Mayer Photoshopped The F--k Out Of This Selfie

Editing mistake or brilliant commentary?

While Photoshopped celebrity selfies have basically become the new normal on Instagram, John Mayer may have just made that "new normal" a little more bizarre.

On Monday (December 29), the 37-year-old singer-songwriter shared a cartoonish-looking selfie with friend and CollegeHumor co-founder Ricky Van Veen.

"So good to see my friend Ricky again," Mayer wrote in the caption. "It's been a while."

The two look like a pair of hi-res "Sims" characters about to embark on some kind of nightclub adventure. (Thanks, expansion pack.) Is there even a filter for that kind of baby-smooth skin?

According to Just Jared, Mayer's fans think that he is making a statement about the overuse of editing tools on Instagram by deliberately over-Photoshopping the pic. But, still...

...We're going to sleep with the lights on tonight.