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From Not Eating Enough Pizza To Not Becoming Beyonce, Here Are Your Biggest Regrets Of 2014

It's OK. 2015 will be better.

It looks like 2014 was the year of carb denial.

Twitter users all over the world tweeted their various missteps from the past 12 months using the hashtag #2014regrets, and a lot of you really regretted not indulging in carbolicious foods like pizza, sushi and burritos. Others reminisced over social media faux pas and cracked jokes about some of the year's biggest pop cultural events.

Whatever you regretted in 2014, just remember: You'll be able to pretend it never happened in three days. Here are some of the year's best worst memories:

Some Had Regrets About Pizza

And Sushi

And Carbs In General

Others Regretted Relationships

And Pizza

Social Media Caused A Lot Of Anxiety

So Did Basically Everything In Life

Sarcasm aside, if there's one lesson to learn in all this, it's that there are no regrets. There is only more pizza, and more time to eat the pizza.