Let 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' Show You How To Make -- And Break -- Your New Year's Resolutions

Now this is the story all about how your start to 2015 got flipped, turned upside-down!

Thanks for the memories, 2014.

2015 is officially here, so it's time to say goodbye to the tree, store away the decorations and focus on your New Year's resolutions.

Making goals can be fun and inspirational. New year, new you = total piece of cake. The most challenging part, you ask? Actually sticking to those newfound commitments because -- let's be real -- cake is simply too hard to pass up. Just sayin'.

But if you soon fall by the wayside, don't worry -- you're not alone. It's a known fact that New Year's resolutions are easier to break than make.

So before you throw the towel in self-improvement's face, take a look at how to set resolutions and then how to cut them loose -- all with a little help from "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"'s all-knowing Banks family! And be sure to catch a "Fresh Prince" marathon all day on Friday, kicking off at 8/7c on MTV!

  1. Hooray! You officially survived all those awkward family dinner conversations over the holidays.
  2. 2015 is yours for the taking. Let's. Do. This.
  3. A week into January has passed, and you're on course. Inspiration and motivation are your new BFFs.
  4. And you're seeing vast improvements.
  5. Bask in your accomplishments. You earned it!
  6. But sooner or later, you find yourself consumed with boredom.
  7. You suddenly become self-critical, finding comfort in food to justify your hard work.
  8. You try to ignore the inevitable temptations, but it's nearly impossible.
  9. And then it happens: You cave.
  10. Friends and family express concern, and you lash out.
  11. But don't be too hard on yourself.
  12. You tried, giving it your all right until the very last moment.
  13. So throw away all the pesky, negative thoughts.
  14. Because you are ***flawless.
  15. Besides, there's always next year, right? Here's to 2016!