Helen Sloan/HBO

'Game Of Thrones' Is Yet Again The Internet's Most Pirated TV Series

8.1 million downloads (!!!)

For the third year in a row, "Game of Thrones" has been named the most illegally downloaded television series in the world. Is anyone really surprised?

Putting yet another pro in the "standalone HBO Go subscription option" column, TorrentFreak has estimated that the Westerosi series of epic battles and dragons (and so much more, just wait) was downloaded an astounding 8.1 million times in 2014, far and away outpacing the rest of the top three: "The Walking Dead," coming in second with 4.8 million followed by 3.9 million "The Big Bang Theory" downloads.

It's a huge leap from last year and the year before's numbers, where "Thrones" saw 5.9 million downloads and 4.2 million in 2012. Feels a safe bet that some of those illegal downloads likely came from the Turkish Military Academy, where the series was banned in the dormitories, eh?

Here's the full top ten list, as described by TorrentFreak, complete with their Nielsen viewership numbers for comparison:

1. "Game of Thrones"

8,100,000 Downloads 7,160,000 US Viewers

2. "The Walking Dead"

4,800,000 Downloads 17,290,000 US Viewers

3. "The Big Bang Theory"

3,900,000 Downloads 18,240,000 US Viewers

4. "How I Met Your Mother"

3,500,000 Downloads 13,130,000 US Viewers

5. "Gotham"

3,200,000 Downloads 11,810,000 US Viewers

6. "Arrow"

2,900,000 Downloads 3,920,000 US Viewers

7. "Grey’s Anatomy"

2,800,000 Downloads 9,810,000 US Viewers

8. "Vikings"

2,700,000 Downloads 3,560,000 US Viewers

9. "Suits"

2,500,000 Downloads 2,800,000 US Viewers

10. "South Park"

2,400,000 Downloads 2,400,000 US Viewers

Pirating an episode here and there might not seem that bad, but when you look at the full picture, it is kind of overwhelming!