Victoria Justice's Instagram Feed Is Chock-Full Of 'Eye Candy'

See all the sweet treats from the show's New York City-based set!

We're only two weeks away from the premiere of MTV's new detective drama "Eye Candy," but we've long been following the show's lead actress Victoria Justice on Instagram — religiously, mind you — in the hopes of getting a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the starlet in action.

Debuting January 12, the crime thriller centers around 21-year-old tech genius Lindy (played by Vic), who will stop at nothing to uncover a seemingly deadly cyber stalker in New York. While Lindy has been super-sleuthing all over Brooklyn, we've been spying on Victoria's Instagram feed in order to get something — anything, really — from the upcoming series, such as...

  • Victoria holding down the "Eye Candy" set in NYC

    The 10-episode series films on location in both Manhattan and Brooklyn, where Vic has taken up residence the last few months! Big change from her usual home of sunny Los Angeles.

  • Night shoots in the deep, dark alleyways of Brooklyn

    Filming on location often means that night scenes need to be filmed at, well, night. Here, we caught Vic in all her fish-faced glory, alongside her makeup artist Lusine and wearing the ultimate weapon against frigid Big Apple temps — a hot pink Snuggie.

  • Sopping-wet selfies

    Vic shot this pic immediately after filming an uber-wet scene. Naturally, visions of potential "Eye Candy" scenes filled our heads: Was Lindy jogging through the pouring rain? Swim-stalking a serial killer through the Hudson River? Participating in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? We'll find out soon enough!

  • Toasting with the crew

    While "Eye Candy" crew members like Megrez Mosher plow through late-night shoots thanks to the energy of Red Bull, Vic sips on Just Chill. If Red Bull gives you wings, then Just Chill provides pretty much the opposite.

  • Goofing off between takes...

    Always quick with a laugh (note her goober status), Victoria sheds her serious side to silly it up with costar Kiersey Clemons, who plays Lindy's on-screen bestie and roommate Sophia.

  • ...and after a full day of work!

    Impromptu photo shoots with Kiersey and Harvey Guillen, who portrays Lindy's fellow hacker George, keep the mood light after hours of shooting the MTV drama.

  • Comparing fashion accessories with costars

    The "Eye Candy" star goes head-to-head with Casey Diedrick, who plays an NYPD cyber detective named Tommy. Vic's hat FTW IOHO.

  • Casually hanging out trailer-side

    Just another day on set, getting a lift from a smokin' hot dude! Here, Victoria strikes a rather tricky pose with Ryan Cooper; he plays Jake, Lindy's love interest on the show.

  • Snow storms mid-shoot

    SNOW DAY! Vic keeps cozy with Ryan and Lusine during New York's first flurry of the season.

  • Keeping warm while wrapping up

    Victoria, Kiersey, Casey and Ryan (plus John Garet Stoker, who plays Sophia's pal and gossip blogger Conner) huddle together for warmth as filming concluded. And that's a wrap!

Join us in counting down the days 'til the "Eye Candy" premiere on Monday, January 12 at 10/9c!