See Saul Goodman Push Past His 'Breaking' Point In The New 'Better Call Saul' Trailer

'You! Will! Atone!'

"Money is the point."

AMC all but throws that line in the face of its skeptics in the brand new trailer for "Better Call Saul," the upcoming drama based on Bob Odenkirk's "Breaking Bad" character. The series, part-prequel and part-sequel to the Emmy-winning "Breaking Bad," focuses on unlucky lawyer Jimmy McGill's eventual transformation into self-made criminal lawyer Saul Goodman.

At first blush, "Better Call Saul" could seem like little more than a cash-grab, an attempt to piggyback off the success of "Breaking Bad." But that criticism is front and center in the new "Saul" trailer, as Jimmy's brother Chuck (Michael McKean) makes the side comment: "Money is beside the point." Jimmy wildly disagrees; it's nice to see that even if we don't recognize the name just yet, we recognize the man.

We'll find out if "Better Call Saul" is anything more than a money grab during its two-night premiere on February 8 and 9 on AMC.