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'The Longest Ride' Trailer Is Like Peak Nicholas Sparks: Watch Now

Giddy up for the romance-within-a-romance.

It's only been a few months since the last Nicholas Sparks adaptation hit theaters -- "The Best of Me," in case you forgot -- but his next one, "The Longest Ride," might be his crown jewel.

In the trailer for the film (out April 10, 2015), almost every classic Sparks trope is used to its fullest: a ridiculous meet-cute with a reformed playboy, emotional moments in the rain, the sexy slow build to the first kiss, near-death experiences and even a romance-within-a-romance.

The movie follows bull rider Luke (Scott Eastwood) and his new girlfriend, Sophia, but their relationship is intertwined with a tragic love story from the '40s when they save an old man named Ira (Alan Alda) from a car accident. He has a box of letters that he hasn't brought himself to read, so Sophia reads them to him. It's like "The Notebook" -- without the Alzheimer's.

As the trailer tells us, the two couples are "connected by fate." Ira tells Sophia that "love requires sacrifice," which is more than likely advice for Luke as he comes close to death every day in his career.

"You need to stop, or next time you're more likely going to pick him up at the morgue," the doctor warns Sophia and Luke, leading to the inevitable Sparks movie fight. "This is my life! It's all I know!" Luke insists. "I can't be with someone if every time they walk out the door, I don't know if I'll see them again," Sophia replies, which could either lead to them breaking up and getting back together a decade later or him quitting his bull-riding job and making an honest woman out of her.

That said, it looks like Luke is wearing a wedding ring in at least one shot, so they probably tie the knot at some point. Personally, I think he looks too clean-cut to be a cowboy —- how are his teeth so white? —- but as his flannel shirt is slowly unbuttoned, who can argue with that casting?