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Lupe Fiasco Defends Iggy Azalea, Then Defends Himself For Defending Her

'It's unbelievable how unbelievable this is,' he says.

Quite a few people in and around hip-hop -- whether artists or fans -- have strong opinions about Iggy Azalea. That fact has come to light even more so in recent days, as she's been singled out by Azealia Banks and Q-Tip -- as both were looking to discuss broader race and appropriation issues, and using her as an entry point.

While she was taking heat from many directions, a few artists did come to Iggy's defense. There was T.I., of course, who has gone to bat for his Grand Hustle artist in the past (and will likely do so again before long). But Lupe Fiasco also acknowledged the Australian rapper's right to exist within rap music.

Not surprisingly, not everyone took too kindly to Lupe's words, and on Monday night, he took aim at anyone who came after him for taking that stance.

"Bitch I don't give two sh--s about you or your extra basic ass ideas about whatever basic ass half cooked Afro-centric head games u got," he tweeted, directing his ire at . "Bitch I been here on the rooftop screaming in the ears of these brainwashed ass more money on they feet than in they pocket ass n---as."

"Now that the same system I tried to tell you p---y n---as was alive and well years ago got boot in that ass you n---az is MLKJR???? FOH. And I'm Uncle Tom cuz some I told some white bitch that her p---y popping songs had a place in HipHop??? You outta yo f--king mind. You don't like me being around defending yall fool asses? Trust me bitch I don't like being around you either but that's too f--king bad."

The messages came the same night that Iggy thanked the Testuo & Youth rapper for speaking up on her behalf.

Iggy, meanwhile, says he's not going to stress about any of the recent chatter.