7 Reasons We're 'Furious' About The New 'Star Trek' Director

Justin Lin is the new man in charge of 'Trek.'

J.J. Abrams is not returning for the sequel to "Star Trek Into Darkness," because, naturally, he's busy directing "Star Wars." Taking his place in the captain's chair of the U.S.S. Enterprise is none other than...

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Justin Lin! He's the "Fast and Furious" filmmaker who brought you moments like…

  1. This:
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  2. And this:
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  3. And this:
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  4. And this:
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  5. And this:
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  6. And this:
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  7. Aaaand this:
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Needless to say, we're furious to see Lin as the new "Trek" director, and by furious, we mean pumped up, because his films are packed with humor and heart — and, above all, heart-racing, pulse-pounding adrenaline. If he can do for "Trek" what he did with the four "Fast & Furious" movies he directed, then Lin is about to take us on one big, bold, bumpy ride.

The untitled "Star Trek 3" is expected in theaters in 2016.