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'Real World' Return: Watch The Original Cast Reunite In That Famous New York Loft

Norman, Julie and Heather B. reflect on life 22 years ago.

New York City's famous Broadway is home to great restaurants, unparalleled shopping and, as of last night, a time machine.

On the latest episode of "Oprah Where Are They Now?," three of "Real World"'s original cast members reunited inside the very same NYC loft they shared as housemates TWENTY-TWO years ago. And though the walls have shifted, the kitchen's undergone a remodeling and 1992's bubbling fish tank is no longer, Heather B. Gardner, Norman Korpi and Julie Gentry still get chills upon returning in the clip below.

"Oh, my gosh, they changed everything around!" Heather observes as she steps into the space for the first time in decades and scans her surroundings. The building, which is now home to Winston Churchill's granddaughter Edwina Sandys, housed the current "Sway in the Morning" co-host and six other aspiring artists for 13 weeks in 1992. And the idea that the group would eventually become as famous as Madonna was a total shock to Gardner, she shares with her fellow former cast members.

"Eric [Nies] told us even before MTV agreed to do this show, 'We're gonna be huge! People are gonna be talking about us ten years from now,'" she recalls. "He knew, he absolutely knew."

Korpi says he was equally unprepared for all the exposure, and that he would often cause chaos by just running to the grocery store to grab a gallon of milk.

Check out the full video, and tell us if you can remember watching the original "Real World" cast!