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Why We Need Seth Rogen's 'The Interview' Response

We're holding out for a hero.

The circumstances surrounding SONY's "The Interview" seemed to have reached a shocking end last week when the studio pulled the movie from release. But that was only the beginning of the second act of this bizarre story, as tensions have continued to rise, verbal shots have been fired, and from the outside perspective, the situation seems to have spiraled out of control.

With all this in mind, there's only one person who can save us now, who can stop the world from spinning into utter anarchy: Seth Rogen.

Sounds ridiculous, right? That the stoner hero could be the only thing stopping the United States and North Korea from going to war over a movie? Heck, it even seems like a great idea for a Seth Rogen movie.

But it's also true, at least from where we sit. That's because IRL Rogen isn't just the dumb, heartily laughing dude-bro he portrays on screen. In fact, he's an incredibly intelligent, well and outspoken individual who often goes to bat for human rights and issues close to his heart.

But while everyone from the President of SONY, to the President of the United States, to fugging North Korea have been arguing over his movie -- and while his co-star James Franco has been James Franco-ing around, having Hanukkah parties with Lady Gaga and showing off pics of his brother's nipples -- Rogen hasn't tweeted anything in five days.

Could a single tweet from Rogen stop thermo-nuclear war? Probably not, but the silence of the often Internet-prolific comedian is deafening. If various world leaders can be rushing into action, why is Rogen taking so much time to weigh his response?

We NEED to hear what he has to say. He's stuck in the middle of this firestorm, and his words could truly help this situation reach a peaceful and satisfactory resolution.

That's not just because he's a major stakeholder in everything involved in this situation... It's also that Rogen is an incredibly hilarious comedian and satirist.

There's two things that humor does well. The first is to point out our foibles, the things that we do wrong. It skewers them and shines a light on areas of our lives we would normally ignore. That's what, by all reports, Rogen did with "The Interview," for North Korea but also for America and Hollywood (two aspects the hackers, the Guardians of Peace, either ignored or didn't know about).

The second thing humor does extremely well? Diffuses tension. Right now as we approach the holidays, with SONY pushing back on President Obama's statement that they made a wrong decision pulling the movie by essentially saying, "oh yeah? We're going to release the movie then. Take that," we're clearly ratcheting up the danger in this situation. No one is displaying cool heads at all.

That's why we need Rogen, and why his five day silence hopefully indicates a well measured, funny response is on its way. Only Rogen has the knowledge and skills to release the exact right statement that will save the day. We're lumping an insane amount of pressure on Rogen, but like Batman he can take it -- and create something that helps heal the world.

We don't think Rogen wanted to create a situation that puts lives and livelihoods at risk through his movie. He was shining a light through his comedy, but it's a light that caused more darkness than illumination.

So he needs to do the thing that comedians know so well: revise. He needs to try again, and this time make things right.

We believe in you, Seth. We know you have the power to turn this situation around. And we're willing to wait for your response... Just don't wait until it's too late.