Dr. Evil Has A Frickin' Bone To Pick With Sony And North Korea: Watch

'I mean, what the F, people?'

If there's one thing Dr. Evil hates more than Austin Powers, it's whenever any so-called "evil" organization besmirches his evil name.

The International Man of Mystery's arch nemesis (aka Mike Myers) made a surprise appearance at the top of this week's One Direction-fueled "Saturday Night Live," preempting "A Very Somber Christmas with Sam Smith" to take both North Korea and Sony Pictures to school over the hacking scandal related to "The Interview." Needless to say, Dr. Evil is not pleased.

"I mean, what the F, people?" an exasperated Dr. Evil declares. "It's so pathetic to see you two fight over a silly comedy. It's like watching two bald men fight over a comb. Who cares?"

Watch as Dr. Evil rips the situation apart, what with his intimate knowledge of all things villainous, as well as his personal insight into Kim Jong-un (they went on a viking river cruise together; he recommends it, it's breathtaking) and into making movies of his own (see: the bomb best known as "The Love Guru").