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A Seven-Year-Old Rap Superfan Made An Incredible Cam'ron Portrait Entirely Out Of Legos

The extremely talented Yung Lenox works in many other mediums besides just lego.

If you don't know who Yung Lenox is, you probably should get familiar. He's already a rising artist who's gotten approval from some of his favorite MCs and the most recent stamp of respect came from Cam'ron.

"Shout to #YungLenox," Cam said in an Instagram caption. "He made this out of LEGOs. I actually met him when I was in Seattle."

Yes, Yung Lenox, the 7-year-old who's dined on ice-cream with Killa Cam, made this four and a half foot Lego structure of the Dipset MC and it's phenomenal.

When he posted the original structure in September, Yung Lenox also made an important announcement. "There will be a feature length Yung Lenox documentary coming next year," he said.

So, in a post thanking Cam for the shout out, Yung Lenox's people explained that his documentary still needs some funding assistance.

"Killa and Lenox met a while back and their hilarious meeting made it into his documentary, 'Live Fast, Draw Yung.' The film still needs to reach its funding goal so feel free to share the link to help us get it into festivals and theaters next year."

That link? Here you go.

And if you want to know just why this artist has such acclaim, just check out the artwork below and see if your mind isn't blown.