One Direction Wore Cheerleading Outfits On 'SNL' And It Was Perfect

How did we miss auditions?!

Being a One Direction fan is a very personal thing. With every song lyric and every performance it's not just them amid throngs of thousands of screaming girls. It's (insert your favorite guy here- I'm going with Harry), singing to you and only you. No one else matters. While Amy Adams closed the 2014 season hosting last night's (December 20) episode, we're respectfully going to give full disclosure that we only had eyes for 1D. Here are the moments that made us swoon like our 13-year-old teenage girl self.

That time that Zayn asks Morgan how her guinea pig is:

As if we weren't jealous of host Amy Adams already for rubbing elbows with the 1D boys, she gets even more face time when she joins Cecily Strong and Aidy Bryant's Keira and Morgan on Girlfriends Talk Show as captain of the dance team. Morgan is the fourth alternate, so she basically has to wait for a disaster to happen to someone to get her time in the spotlight. She especially seizes up with the guy dancers are around. If you've waited your entire life to see what Niall, Zayn, Harry, Louis and Liam look like in cheerleading uniforms, this is it. Keeping cool with sunglasses on, the boys get their groove on.

When Harry makes it feel like he's singing only to us:

Amid choruses of screams, the boys open with the ballad of "Night Changes" for their first performance. Unlike their comedic disaster music video (in which I must tend to Harry after an ice skating incident) they keep the song sweet and simple, taking turns singing behind the mic and looking longingly into my/the audience's eyes.

The moment we realize we would go literally anywhere with any of them:

As the last 'SNL' performance of the year, the boys bring it on "Ready To Run." Niall strumming guitar in the center while the others croon beside him (Zayn's slicked back man bun included). "This time I'm ready to run/Wherever you are is the place I belong/Cause I wanna be free/And I wanna be yours/I'll never look back now/I'm ready to run."

Yes, One Direction, wherever you go we are also ready to run.

Kevin Hart will host when 'SNL' returns on January 17, 2015.