Bobby Shmurda's Attorney Addresses Arrest: 'The Government Hates Rappers'

Howard Greenberg: 'It’s a bunch of bulls—t.'

Bobby Shmurda’s attorney Howard Greenberg is speaking out about the rapper’s recent arrest.

“The government hates rap and the government hates rappers,” Greenberg said in an interview with XXL. "They target these guys and construct a narrative around them and then they rationalize the narrative in order to get an indictment. I had said previously, it’s a bunch of bulls—t.”

"What they do is they recruit guiltless, loveless people who are truthless that are jealous of brothers on the way up and they get them to implicate them,” he continued.

Greenberg said he’s read the first 41 pages of the indictment and that it is filled with “street lingo” that can be misinterpreted. "People of color should be very afraid of these kind of prosecutions,” he continues. "They are selective. They start by aiming at a guy’s lyrics to begin.”

Greenberg went on to say that he feels Shmurda’s innocent and that he doesn’t have time to commit the crimes he’s been accused of.

“My guy is rich,” he added. “He’s busy, he’s always on tour. He doesn’t have time for this bulls--t; it makes no sense. He’s making more money legit than it’s possible to make, it’s crazy. My guys are legit, end of story. Give me a f---in’ break. But he’s a target.”

Shmurda, who was arrested along with several members of his GS9 collective for charges that include murder, attempted murder, drug trafficking and assault, had his bail set for $2 million. Epic Records is reportedly set to bail the rapper out, according to ABC News.