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An Awesome Santa Learned Sign Language To Make A Deaf Girl's Christmas Dreams Come True

Feel all the holiday feels.

Old Saint Nick still a few tricks up his big red sleeves.

In Westminster, Massachusetts, 6-year-old Sadie Adam was used to bringing along an interpreter each December for her annual sit on Santa's lap, but this year the big guy was prepared: He could sign himself!

"She literally stopped dead in her tracks, and she just stared at him," her mother Ronelle Adam told WCVB. "I instantly started tearing."

"Santa knew my name!" Sadie said. "He knew how to sign it."

Local police chief Salvatore Albert, who has been playing Santa for 15 years, worked with Sadie's mother to learned the signs. She taught him how to sign the little girl's name and ask questions befitting St. Nick, like, "What do you want for Christmas?" All of Albert's hard work payed off tenfold when he witnessed Sadie's reaction.

"It was amazing to see the smile on her face and her eyes wide open with joy that Santa knew sign language," Albert said. "I am going to try to learn more for next year."

So, what did she ask Kris Kringle for? A kitchen and a baby.

Sadie's mom Ronelle says her little girl hasn't forgotten the moment for one minute and still brings it up on occasion.

"Just the other night we were sitting here and we were watching 'The Grinch' and she said 'You know Santa knows my name, right?' And she still remembers, and she still talks about it," Ronelle said.

I mean, with those bragging rights wouldn't you too? She has to be the most popular kid in school after that one.

Watch Sadie's excitement in the clip below and feel some of that holiday spirit: