Kevin Jonas Gave His Daughter The Gift Of Kim Kardashian’s Booty For Christmas

In the form of a Christmas ornament.

Looks like Kevin Jonas has a new topper for his Christmas tree.

While making an appearance on "The Meredith Vieira Show," the Jonas Brother brought along a special hand-crafted ornament that he made just for his 10-month-old daughter, Alena.

"I know you wanted to do something special as a dad for his little girl for her first Christmas," Meredith said to the audience. "What did you make her?"

What he revealed was not something we expected. Kevin pulled out a picture of Kim Kardashian's famous Paper Magazine nude shot with two giant gold ornament balls covering her bare booty.

"I hand-crafted an ornament; it's very in-season this year," he said. "I actually brought one for you. I thought it would be appropriate for you, it's very the to-do this season. I thought that would work for you. Hopefully, you like it."

Meredith said she loved it, but then followed up with an important question:"What message are you trying to send to Alena?"

Kevin, wearing his best ugly Christmas sweater, said he wasn't "too sure," but that Alena was a bit perplexed when he gave it to her.

"All she did was look at it very confused and try to grab one of the balls," he said, before adding, "It's funny we have a gift ornament exchange at that party I was talking about and so I actually made one of these and it was a huge hit. So maybe every year I'll make a DIY ornament. ... Kim, thanks, I apologize. Thank you."

Oh, and if you want to make your own Kim K ornament, here's a step-by-step guide. You're welcome.